Katya Ogorodnikova - Model From Russian

06 Ottobre 2015 Scritto da Stefano
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Katya Ogorodnikova - Model From Russian

Interview on the topics of Web Marketing and Social Network


English Version

What do you do and how to proceed your professional career?

"My modelling career started with a beauty contest "Miss Yaroslavl 2008", where I took first place. I knew then that I wanted to live in this world, to devote to model the cause of my life. Next, I participated in the contest "Beauty of Russia", after which I was seen by various model agencies. That's when it all started. My life changed dramatically! "Ford models Paris", "Trend models Madrid", "Modus Moscow"... As you can see, I'm in the profession for more than a year, but I can confidently say that I never regretted my decision."

How important today use social networks and the Internet in your work ?

"In my work social networks play a huge role, firstly because it is a good opportunity to be seen and get a discount. In other words - PR. The second reason why social networks are important in my profession - to be a trend, you need to have information. I think this applies to any profession. Through the Internet I can, on the one hand, to follow the fashion trends, events, and on the other hand - to share with my followers my knowledge about this field."

Do you think that companies exploit well the new means offered by the network?

"In my opinion, with the advent of social networks it became easier to live. You can always find what you need. But if you know how to present themselves properly, then you definitely will be in touch. I can say from my experience that the various model companies are actively exploiting social networks to find patterns and communication with them. And it's much easier than going to the castings! After all, you don't have to do in order to impress, unless you get to put your pic and wait for the reaction. In my opinion, it really comes in handy. Because you never know where and when you will overtake luck. Therefore, I sincerely believe that the various campaigns and agencies should actively use social media in the work."

Versione Italiana

Come è iniziata la tua carriera professionale?

"La mia carriera di modella è iniziata nel 2008 con la vittoria di un concorso "Miss Yaroslavl 2008" Sapevo sin da subito che questo sarebbe stato il mio mondo. Successivamante ho partecipato ad un'altro concorso "Beauty of Russia". Sono stata vista da diverse agenzie di modo. Attualmente sono in questo campo da un anno e non rimpiango affatto la mia decisione."

Quanto è importante usare oggi i social network e la rete internet?

"Nel mio lavoro i social network sono importantissimi perchè danno molta visibilità. Attraverso Internet posso seguire le tendenze della moda e condividere con i miei seguaci le tendenze nel settore."

Pensi che le aziende sfruttino bene i mezzi offerti dalla rete Web?

"A mio parere con l'arrivo dei social network è diventato più facile vivere. nel mio settore le agenzie utilizzano molto i social network per trovare modelli e modelle. Penso che le aziende dovrebbero investire molto in questo tipo di attività."